Narcoleptic porcupine

Porcupine by Andrew Batchelor

We had the most incredible (and quite amusing) sighting of a porcupine yesterday.

It was just after dark at Mlowathi Dam when we spotted the rodent cruising – quite nonchalantly, mind you – through the open area in search of dinner.

When our vehicles approached he didn’t even seem to notice, so intent was he on his quest for procuring the most succulent stalks of the night.

At one point he started digging – presumably looking for roots – but halfway through the act he toppled over and fell asleep. And then just as suddenly (almost as if he’d woken from a nightmare) he sprung upright and carried on foraging.

When we left him, he was still wandering about in search of his evening meal.

We couldn’t help wondering if we’d maybe stumbled upon the world’s first narcoleptic porcupine.

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