The Jakkalsdraai female leopard shows off her cub

Jakkalsdraai Cub by Ant Mulligan

The Jakkalsdraai female was once again seen with her cub around her den site (which is currently to the east of River Road around Jock Walk).

The new Mom remained there for the entire day, giving rangers and guests a rare opportunity to view the young cub for an extended period. The cub is only in the region of three to four weeks old, which means it can still only be viewed in the presence of its mother during daylight hours.

Hopefully the Jakkalsdraai female is as successful with her current litter as she was with her previous one, where she successfully raised one male cub to maturity.

And with her relaxed nature, she is sure to give us many hours of spectator value with her cub in the coming weeks.

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