11 thoughts on “Jakkalsdraai female leopard with her cub

  1. I wasn’t lucky enough to be there to see this in person so this is the next best thing! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. MalaMala is one of the most wonderful places on earth.

  2. I was at mala mala a few days later and was able to visualize the jakkals draai female with her cub ,not as well as this video but did put one of my photos on my red bubble site of the young cub.This is special!

  3. Hi Judy. These really are precious moments, and we never forget how privileged we are to have them as part of our everyday lives here at MalaMala. 😉

  4. We came across this video from Max yesterday via the newsletter and were so thrilled to see it.
    We were at Mala Mala a couple of weeks later and also enjoyed the priviledge of spending time watching this absolutely gorgeous creature romping with its mum.

    It was one of the highlights of our African trip and we already have the cubs photo on the wall with our other favorites.
    Wonderful wonderful memories, wish we were still there now.

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