Charleston pride of lions walk-by

We have a wealth of video clips of the many animals that call MalaMala home. They’re all available to watch on You-Tube, but we thought it would be nice to feature them on the blog as well.

So [insert drum roll] we’re introducing Video Thursday effective immediately.

This week’s clip is a walk-by of the Charleston family of lions. If this is a little tame for your liking, don’t despair, we have something really exciting in the pipeline for next week.

Click here to read more about the Charleston pride, which currently consists of three adults and a 14-month-old cub.


2 thoughts on “Charleston pride of lions walk-by

  1. If that’s a 14-month old cub, it must have been seriously under-nourished! Or perhaps the video is from early last year?

  2. Hey Andrew. These clips are from our archives, so what you see won’t always much up with current stats on the website. We’re just sharing them for sharing’s sake. Hope you enjoyed! 😉

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