Aquavision showcases MalaMala

MalaMala Game Reserve - Male lions

Mlowathi male lions by Brett Ervine

MalaMala is not just the ultimate safari for wildlife enthusiasts, it’s also the destination of choice for professional photographers and videographers looking to capture exceptional wildlife in action. After last week’s spectacular Hippo Extravaganza *wink*, we have something really exciting for you this Video Thursday.

No exaggeration – this is goose bump material!

This phenomenal clip of some really amazing sightings (and yes – guests can expect these kind of interactions while on safari at MalaMala) was put together by Aquavision – South Africa’s premier wildlife videographers. All footage in this clip was shot while on location at MalaMala Game Reserve.

Aquavision is passionate about storytelling, and is constantly looking for ways to discover new frontiers. Their unique footage showcases Africa’s diverse wildlife and cultures, and is the backbone for their award-winning, blue chip wildlife documentaries.

So check it out…and let us know what you think. Remember to crank up the volume!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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