Making merry in the mud bath

MalaMala Game Reserve - Elephants

Elephants by Dean Wrath

There’s no denying that watching MalaMala’s resident big cats go about their day is indeed the ‘shiz niz‘, but there’s also something to be said for being privy to a group of elephants just wallowing. If you’re of the same opinion then you’ll probably also enjoy Hippos “jawing off”. That said, we realise that some people like things turned up a notch. If that’s you, then Aquavision Showcases MalaMala will be more your speed.

Ultimately our aim with Video Thursday – and indeed everything we share online – is to offer varied and entertaining content. And while we have a wealth of incredible stories, images and video clips at our disposal, it occurred to us that our guests will too.


Calling all aspirant ‘Steven Spielbergers’. If you’ve visited MalaMala and have video footage you’d like to share, send us the You-Tube link and you might just find yourself featured on Video Thursday.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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