Eyrefield male lions fight over food

MalaMala Game Reserve - Lion eating

Eyrefield male lion by Kristen and Andy Beaman

This week’s edition of Video Thursday comes courtesy of Andy and Kristen Beaman of Dallas, Texas in the US. Andy captured the footage when they visited MalaMala in October last year. This is their firsthand account of the event. Click here to view more of their videos on You-Tube.

“Our group – led by Grant – had been watching the pride for about a half hour. The lions had just been lounging about when they suddenly got up and disappeared into the brush. We heard a commotion and Grant drove us closer to get a better look. We found the pride devouring a buck (a Nyala we think) that Grant said the lions had probably stolen from some hyenas that had in turn stolen it from the leopard we later found in a nearby tree.

The females made off with their share of the carcass, leaving the large male lion and the sub-adult male lion to eat the main portion. The fight broke out when the younger lion tried to take some of the older one’s meat. Because we were so close we managed to get some good shots of the fight. The suddenness of the outbreak, along with the visceral noise of the fighting, were what we found most startling about the whole thing.

After the skirmish, the sub-adult male limped right over to our vehicle. That’s when we noticed that he was bleeding from his leg. A few of us sighed, feeling sorry for the little guy. Grant then decided that we were a little too close, so he slowly backed away from the injured lion.

About two hours later we saw the same pride eating a water buffalo they’d taken down. It looked like the youngster was doing okay, and it was ‘business as usual’ with the rest of the gang.”

If you have footage of your trip to MalaMala that you’d like to share then please email us. You might just be featured on Video Thursday!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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