Playtime for the lion cubs

MalaMala Game Reserve - Lion cub

Styx lion cub by Matthew Tatham

The Styx pride of lions recently welcomed four new cubs to their family, and the little guys – who are now in the region of three months old – are a great source of entertainment for everyone at MalaMala.

We have yet to film them in action though, so we decided to share this incredibly sweet footage that Andrew Batchelor captured a few years ago. Watching these four running, playing, tumbling, chasing and generally doing what baby lions do best, is sure to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of grumpy faces.

At this age it’s easy to forget that the cubs are actually wild animals with sharp gnashers and claws. Every coin has two sides though, and nature is no different in this regard. Still, it’s hard to imagine that these sweet, fluffy kitty cats grew up to be capable of this.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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