The Styx cubs at play

MalaMala Game Reserve - Manyelethi male lion with Styx cub

Manyelethi male lion with Styx cub by Matthew Tatham

Judy and Andrew Smith are regular visitors to Africa, and recently visited MalaMala for the fifth time. Clearly we have made a lasting impression on the duo, who hail from Lincolnshire, U.K. These wildlife fanatics stayed at Main Camp in April, and were fortunate enough to see the new Styx cubs while there. Fortunately for us, Andrew is also an avid videographer, and managed to capture some really sweet footage of the little ones doing what siblings do best: annoy one another.

In case you missed it on Facebook, you can see  Andrew’s clip of the Tamboti female coming of age on his  You-Tube profile.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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