Introducing MalaMala’s secret creatures

C4 Images-Dwarf Mongoose
Dwarf mongoose by Shem Compion

At the beginning of the year Aquavision – South Africa’s premier wildlife videographers – put together a truly remarkable clip highlighting the very best that MalaMala has to offer. Aptly titled It’s all about the wildlife, they drew from the wealth of footage they’d shot over the years on location at MalaMala in order to offer us a glimpse of the African bush.

These passionate and talented folk are constantly looking for ways to discover new frontiers and tell provocative stories, while exploring some of the most beautiful and remote locations in Africa. Their unique footage showcases Africa’s diverse wildlife and cultures, and is the backbone for their award-winning, blue chip wildlife documentaries. recognized for filming extraordinary animal behaviour, both underwater and in the wild African bush, they have gained a reputation for being unafraid to tackle interesting, challenging and often dangerous projects.

Secret Creatures is the second in the MalaMala/Aquavision – It’s all about the wildlife series. MalaMala is well-known for it’s Big 7: lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, rhino and Wild dog, but while these animals are undeniably the star attraction of the reserve, there are also a host of supporting cast and bit players that are every bit as interesting and entertaining.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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  1. That was beautifully put together, thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Thankyou for your video diaries, keep them coming.
    Stay safe and well.

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