Gamboling elephants

MalaMala Game Reserve - Baby elephant

Baby elephant by Leslie Backus (guest)

Leslie Backus and her friends were kind enough to share this week’s very sweet clip (shot by Denise Sharp) with us. Taken back in 2008 during their third trip to MalaMala, it features a herd of elephants as they play, splash and wallow during their daily mud bath. Particularly entertaining are the toddlers, who are every bit as clumsy as their human counterparts.

Leslie says the five of them – who met while showing horses in Ohio, USA – always travel together.  Apparently it was their love of animals that brought them together, and ultimately saw them going on safari together.

“Watching these elephants in the water was one of the most memorable times,” says Leslie.

We’re all about sharing on this blog, so thanks to Leslie and her gang of gal pals for doing just that. Our friends over at Aquavision are of the same opinion, and they recently put together this incredible video featuring MalaMala’s secret creatures.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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