Leopard wars on MalaMala

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Grant Roodt (ranger) with the Bicycle Crossing male leopard by Evan Schiller*

In sharp contrast to last week’s love fest, this clip features the Bicycle Crossing and Emsagwen male leopards coming to blows. Leslie Listwa captured this remarkable footage while visiting MalaMala with his wife and teenage children in August of 2009. Click here to view more clips taken during their stay.

Initially the leopards were just walking side by side and marking their territory, but things quickly escalated from there into a full-blown brawl. As they have a go at one another, three hyenas arrive on the scene to watch the goings-on. Listen to them cackle with glee as they spur the fighters on from the sidelines.

If the predators have your number, you might also enjoy an introduction to the big cats. The Rollercoaster male mating with the Syx lioness is also a goodie, as is Max Waugh’s piece on the Jakkalsdraai female leopard’s cub.

* This week’s post image is courtesy of Evan Schiller. Be sure to have a look at his album on our Facebook page.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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  1. Yip…quite something to watch. I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been there! 😉

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