Monitor lizard wrestling match

MalaMala Game Reserve - Winter-Sunset

Winter sunset by Matthew Tatham

Jeanne Sakata and her husband visited MalaMala in the middle of last month. While on a game drive with their ranger, Bins, they came upon two Monitor lizards doing battle over a female. This was clearly a no holds barred wrestling match, as the feisty pair used every tactic in the book – below the belt or otherwise – to win the female for themselves. Jeanne shot the sighting in three separate clips and then combined them into one video, which explains the difference in lighting and focus. The lizards started sparring in the sun and then rolled into the shade, making it easier for Jeanne to capture the unusual, and at times even comical, footage.

If you enjoy seeing those lesser spotted characters that live alongside the Big 7, you’ll definitely enjoy this introduction to the many secret creatures that call MalaMala home. As an aside (and to explain the choice of image for this week’s post), Monitor lizards are not a common occurrence in the CyberDiraies, which means photos of these reptiles are somewhat scarce. Hope you enjoy Matthew’s shot of a winter sunset!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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