The Tamboti female leopard catches a duiker

MalaMala Game Reserve - Female leopard

The Tamboti female leopard by Matthew Tatham

Jeanne Sakata – the guest who was lucky enough to capture the Monitor lizard wrestling match – found herself in the equally enviable position of witnessing the Tamboti female leopard catch and tree a male duiker. You can read the full story in the July 24 CyberDiary, but below is Jeanne’s firsthand account of what it was like to be right there in the thick of things.

“Luckily for my husband Tim and I, we were right there! With our ranger Bins at the helm, and fellow guests Barry and Janwe to share the once in a lifetime experience with, we slowly tracked the Tamboti female leopard. She suddenly shot off into the bush and disappeared. The next thing we heard was the distressed cries of a young duiker, and Bins immediately set off at a pace – with us hanging on tightly – to follow up. He passed the chase and ground to a halt just below a huge Sausage tree. Just as suddenly the female reappeared with the duiker firmly clasped in her jaws. She then proceeded to scramble up the tree right in front of us, with the struggling animal hanging from her mouth. The duiker expired shortly afterwards. Needless to say we were all spellbound by what we’d just seen. I took this short clip of the leopard settling her kill into the fork of the tree, teeth still firmly clamped on the duiker’s throat, as she looked down at everyone who had gathered below to witness her prowess. What an unforgettable game drive!”

Feeding time at MalaMala, leopard lovin’, and gamboling elephants are just some of the clips that guests have shared with us in the past. Why not add yours? Leave a message in the comments section below or drop us an email if you have footage you’d like to see featured on Video Thursday.

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