Lion family time

Rollercoaster male lion

Rollercoaster male lion by Andrew Batchelor

Continuing on our jaunt down memory lane, this clip of the Rollercoaster male with the Eyrefield pride takes us all the way back to 2007. Having just returned from an unsuccessful hunt, the lionesses met up first with the cubs, and then the male at Mamba waterhole. There were ten little ones to begin with, but unfortunately one died when it was still very young. If you manage to count them (which I didn’t) you’ll notice that there are nine in the video. Of those nine, only five of them are still alive. Now in the region of four years old, the three females are bona fide adult members of the pride, while their two brothers broke away with the adopted Marthly male to form their own gang. Sadly, the legendary Rollercoaster male is no longer. The last of his coalition of five, this stalwart died in January last year at the ripe(ish) old age of 13+ years.

This clip of the Eyrefield pride taking down a zebra also shows the same cubs mentioned above. In Part 4 of our Big Cats series, you get a brief look at the West Street males in action. It also has links to the first three installments.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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  1. hi,

    this is a awesome video :). my friend alex and i were at mala mala in october 2011 and it was so great!

    thanks a lot to our guide lucky and all of you.

    all our pics you will see on my fotoblog.

    kind regards,

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