September Game Report

Rhino cow and calf

Rhino cow and calf by Ryan Driemeyer

Once a month the rangers compile a comprehensive game report summarising the activities of each member of the MalaMala 7 (Big 5 plus cheetah and wild dog). As our CyberDiaries tend to focus mainly on the big cats, the herbivores don’t get much more than a cursory mention. To this end we’ve decided to post a brief summary of rhino, buffalo and elephant sightings for the month.

That way those of you with a soft spot for these animals can get your fix right here on the blog, without having to wade through the far more technical looking pages on the website. On the other hand, those of you that preferred the original wildlife diary posts (pre-Social Media) will no doubt love these in-depth updates.


Only up by three sightings from last month, but even so. There were some great buffalo seen during September, with many herd and ‘dagga boy’ sightings around the causeway area. The lions, of course, have had a great time filling their bellies up on buffalo meat. With the rains around the corner, the grass will become abundant, and the lion pressure will then ease off slightly until next winter.


We enjoyed a fantastic month of rhino sightings, with an increase of fourteen sightings from August. Most of these were along the Sand River, as well as at a number of the waterholes. Except for the Emsagwen waterhole that is, which usually offers up a plethora of these great beasts at this time of year. There have been some large crashes around, but mostly it’s just groups of up to six or so.


Elephant sightings are slightly down from last month, but that said, we’ve still enjoyed some good quality time with these large herbivores. The many herds around also have an abundance of calves, providing some excellent viewing and photographic opportunities. The albino calf we saw last month was not seen again. Whether or not it has survived the harsh African sun remains to be seen. Most of the elephant sightings are still centred along the Sand River, with sightings usually increasing from midday onwards when the herds come down to drink.

Total sightings for the month

Elephant: 128
Rhino: 101
Buffalo: 66

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