The Styx pride fight for their cubs

Mlowathi male lion roaring

Kinky Tail roaring by Gareth Greensill

Maura Tur witnessed this epic battle between the Eyrefield male lions and Styx pride when she visited MalaMala in August of 2008. The Styx lionesses fought tooth and nail to protect their offspring from the onslaught, but in the end one youngster still lost its life on that fateful morning. The cubs in question belonged to the Rollercoaster male, which is why they were under attack. Male lions will go to great lengths to ensure their lineage. This means certain death for any cub that crosses the path of a male from a rival coalition.

Kinky Tail and Mohawk originally came from this coalition of six males known on MalaMala the Eyrefield males (elsewhere they are referred to as the Mapogo males). Five of that coalition were involved in the fight on the video. They were moving into the territory with the aim of taking over both it and the Styx pride. At the time the Rollercoaster male was dominant, although after that fight he started losing his hold on the area and eventually got kicked out. When this happened the Eyrefield males split due to the sheer magnitude of the territory they found themselves in charge of. Two of them then moved east onto MalaMala and became known as the Mlowathi males aka Kinky Tail and Mohawk.

The male being attacked by the two lionesses is Mohawk, while the still images of the male with blood around his mouth is his brother Kinky Tail. The female with the bloody back is none other than Grandma Styx.

The Rollecoaster male held his own for a while longer however, as this clip of him mating with a Styx lioness was only taken the following year. After Kinky Tail was killed by a group of young males from the Kruger National Park, Mohawk left the area and joined up with his brothers again. And that’s when the now dominant Manyeleti males took over.

Day of our Lives has nothing on these guys! If you haven’t seen it yet, Aquavision showcases MalaMala is goose bump material and well worth a watch!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “The Styx pride fight for their cubs

  1. How we loved the Rollercoaster Males. They were like watching ‘The Big Boys are Back in Town’ – fabulous memories of them. Wonderful viewing for those lucky visitors.

  2. Hi Al. Five of the coalition were involved in the fight…although I’m not sure how many of them actually featured in the clip 😉

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