A lesson in table manners

Styx lioness and cub

Styx lioness and cub - Matthew Tatham

When Roger de la Harpe and the Africa Imagery team came in search of lions to feature in their new book, all they found was a bunch of  sleepy cats. But that was before they happened upon the Styx lion pride feasting on an impala carcass. They missed witnessing the actual kill by a mere ten minutes, but at least they arrived in time to capture this short clip of the female reminding one of her cubs – in no uncertain terms – to watch its table manners.

Roger and his crew are now faced with the rather tiresome task of having to return to MalaMala at the end of the month to shoot the final bits and pieces for their much anticipated book. Luckily for us he’s promised to share the spoils when he gets back. Mandla will no doubt be joining them on their travels, because it’s always handy to have an insider’s perspective of things.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A lesson in table manners

  1. Mother knows best…Great video! Amazing that they missed the kill by ten minutes, but all Mama is chewing on is a bone.

  2. Hi Nancy. If all eight members of the pride were at the kill, then that impala was probably just an hors d’oeuvre. 😉

  3. Wonderful video…..amazing how gently and yet strongly mama teaches the kiddo some manners. LOL Thanks for sharing this

  4. You’re so welcome Jody…I think us humans could learn plenty from nature when it comes to raising our kids! 😉

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