Buffalo cow giving birth

Buffalo cow & calf

Buffalo cow with brand new calf by Matthew Tatham

We love sharing footage shot by Aquavision – South Africa’s premier wildlife filmmakers. These busy and talented folk spend their time searching for the unusual, and then documenting their findings for the viewing pleasure of us armchair travellers. They were the ones who showcased  MalaMala, afforded us a sneak peak into the lives of the reserve’s more secret creatures, and had us all sighing a collective ‘aaahhh’ at their spring edition, it’s all about the baby wildlife.

But aside from stitching together jaw-dropping highlights from their many visits to MalaMala, Aquavision also has a series they’ve aptly named Caught in the Act. The last clip we featured from this series was male leopard vs. lion pride, and in it we saw the gutsy Tjellahanga male leopard risk life and limb for a free meal. The one we’re featuring today however, is a little different.

So often the footage we share, and even the CyberDiary updates, are centered around hunting and killing. Well today you’re in for a nice change of pace. This clip gives us a rare opportunity to witness the magic of birth in the wild. As is so often the case with these guys, the Aquavision team was in the right place at the right time, and managed to capture a buffalo birth on camera.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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