Back when the Styx male was just a little cub

Styx male lion

Styx male lion by Matt Meyer

In 2008 the Styx pride had nine cubs, but sadly, all bar two were subsequently killed. The young male and female that survived are the ones we see and talk about today. This pride has really made an amazing comeback. It’s hard to believe that just two years ago they were barely a shadow of their former size. Their numbers increased by one recently, when we discovered that one of the eldest female’s cubs had in fact survived. Now nine strong, this pride certainly has regained its title as ‘the pride of MalaMala’.

The two surviving cubs in the footage below are now almost four years old, and both are doing well for themselves. This is especially heartening as far as the male is concerned, because he doesn’t have the luxury of a pride to fall back on like his sister. In the week before last’s CyberDiary, we mentioned finding the Styx male full bellied next to a buffalo kill. This was a wonderful surprise, because prior to that we hadn’t seen him in some months. We were pleased to note that in spite of pressure from the Manyelethi brothers, he’s still in excellent condition. So clearly this sub-adult is doing okay for himself.

Last week we shared a couple of snippets from Michelle’s recent sojourn, aptly entitled miles and miles of Africa. She has very kindly offered up another little gem, this time of one of the Manyelethi males rolling around in dung. It’s probably not a real drawcard with the ladies, but apparently it does a good job of masking his manly lion scent, thereby aiding in his hunting endeavors.

And just in case you missed it, this clip of sleepy lions from Roger de la Harpe is super sweet and sure to elicit a yawn or two. So make sure you have a cup of coffee at the ready! Remember to get in touch if you have some video memories of your own that you’d like to share.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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