Lion grooming itself

Manyelethi male and Eyrefield lionesses

Manyelethi male and Eyrefield lionesses by Shaun Raine

Roger de la Harpe and the Africa Imagery team returned to MalaMala last week to continue their search for lions to feature in their new book, the aim of which is to increase public awareness and knowledge of the African lion and to raise funds to help researchers and conservation managers find sustainable solutions to current lion conservation problems.

Well it turns out that Roger and his crew had one final surprise up their sleeve, because they also managed to capture one of the Manyelethi males – we can’t tell from the angle if it’s ‘Dark Nose’ or ‘Three Tooth’ – giving himself a thorough grooming. Perhaps he was planning on meeting up with a lady friend later?

Our friends at Aquavision are in the process of putting together a bumper Christmas edition to celebrate our last Video Thursday post for the year. It promises to be a goodie, so make sure you have your popcorn ready!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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