The search continues

Manyelethi male lions

The Selati male lions enjoy a snooze by Roger de la Harpe

In September Roger de la Harpe and the Africa Imagery team came in search of lions to feature in their new book about lions. They spent a fruitful few days with us, during which time they managed to capture our often sleepy cats in various states of repose.

In the end they didn’t find exactly what they were after (or maybe they did and were just looking for a good excuse to return to MalaMala), so this week we welcomed Roger and his intrepid team back to source the remaining images for their book.

On Monday evening they came across ‘Dark Nose’, one of the four Manyelethi males, lying on the airstrip in the fading light. Lions called in the distance and he responded. As one does.

This coalition has reigned supreme on MalaMala since September 2010, after they ousted the Mlowathi brothers in an epic fight for dominance. Now in the region of seven years old, there’s no disputing that these guys are in charge. In October we had an impressive 19 sightings of them, and saw them all over the property. They have their hands full with their current harem of females, which comprises the Styx, Eyrefield, Fourways and Marthly prides, although this will hopefully result in the pitter patter of even more little lion paws in the not too distant future.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

8 thoughts on “The search continues

  1. There is nothing better than to be in the presence of one of these boys during their full-body roars. We were able to experience this one evening on the airstrip also when we visited in early November.

  2. the video “The Search Continues does not exist – the screen is black there is nothing to see — can you please delete it from the site?

  3. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the heads up, can you please provide me with the link so I can sort out this issue?


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