November Game Report

Once a month the rangers compile a comprehensive game report summarising the activities of each member of the MalaMala 7 (Big 5 plus cheetah and wild dog). As our CyberDiaries tend to focus mainly on the big cats, the herbivores don’t get much more than a cursory mention. To this end we’ve decided to post a brief summary of rhino, buffalo and elephant sightings for the month.

That way those of you with a soft spot for these animals can get your fix right here on the blog, without having to wade through the far more technical looking pages on the website. On the other hand, those of you that preferred the original wildlife diary posts (pre-Social Media) will no doubt love these in-depth updates.

The giraffe mom and baby in the video clearly don’t fit into any of the aforementioned categories, but it’s a sweet clip and we thought it would be nice to share anyway.


During much of the latter half of the month a herd of buffalo has been resident on Charleston, making the occasional foray into southern Flockfield. Lions killed a number of buffalo during the November. The cows haven’t dropped any calves yet, but with December upon us it’s just a matter of time before the first one arrives. Once the youngsters start arriving the herds will not only have the lions to worry about. Male leopards will also start hanging around, looking to pick off these easy targets.

Buffalo herd

Buffalo herd by Andrew Batchelor


Rhino sightings currently unavailable.

Male rhino

Male rhino by Matt Meyer


The elephant sightings have been tremendous this month. Even with the rain filling up some of the smaller dams and watering holes, the herds are still congregating along the river to get clean water. Most of the herds have all got small babies at the moment, and on a few occasions we saw mating taking place. It is a truly remarkable spectacle to behold, as the whole herd gets very excited about the event. The sound of trumpeting fills the air, as all the herd members gather around the mating pair. The Marula trees are starting to bear fruit now. The large pachyderms relish the trees’ sweet fruit, and it’s quite something to see them congregate under the trees to gorge themselves on their favourite snack.

Elephant cow cooling off

Elephant cow cooling off by Andrew Batchelor

Total sightings for the month

Elephant: 101
Rhino: 122
Buffalo: 86

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