One of the Manyelethi males makes his presence known

Manyelethi male lion

Manyelethi male lion by Andrew Batchelor

Kay Peterson visited MalaMala with her husband Ed, sister Nancy, and brother-in-law Bruce in November last year. It was their fourth trip to MalaMala and Nancy and Bruce’s first. Africa obliged with predictably perfect weather, which made for some great evening drives, and ranger, Gary Hill, didn’t disappoint either. Kay says she always feels a little guilty about being a repeat guest, because she’s afraid the rangers will feel under pressure to perform! But apparently Gary held his own, making them feel as if it was their very first visit to our beautiful reserve.

Kay shot this clip of one of the Mayelethi males roaring during one of their night drives. She says they couldn’t tell for sure, but suspect that it was ‘Hip Scar’ who was being so vocal. He was walking down the very center of the airstrip announcing his whereabouts to all and sundry when they found him.

“You feel as though it is coming from the very depths of his soul!” said Kay afterwards.

We’re always keen to share footage taken by our guests, so if you’ve visited MalaMala recently (or even not so recently) then send us the You-Tube link and a little back-story and we’ll showcase it!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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