The Selati males take down a buffalo

Selati male lion stalking buffalo

Selati male lion stalking buffalo by Pieter van Wyk

This clip was shot in December last year, when hard work, persistence and some good tracking one Monday morning led us to an adrenaline filled sighting the following Thursday.

After finding the four young Selati males’ tracks in the southern parts of our reserve we followed them south, first towards the Sand River, and then through some thick bush. We eventually discovered the brothers resting together on a granite rock on the river’s northern bank.

A little while later we noticed a large herd of buffalo approaching the river a little to the east of the lions. Having these two species in close proximity to one another always gets us excited!

The Selati quartet had their heads up, and were looking east with interest. Pretty soon they were up and mobile, their sights set firmly on the herd. The buffalo had come down to the river to drink, but by the time the lions got close the majority of the herd had already quenched their thirst and were slowly moving north again. Completely unaware of the danger that lurked in the long reeds, a few stragglers remained at the water’s edge. It was eerie to only get brief glimpses of the four lions as they stalked through the dense reed bed.

“Here we go, they’re running in!”  we told guests as the lions commenced their hunt.

Within seconds they had jumped on a buffalo cow, and with awe inspiring swiftness and efficiency, brought the animal down. The oldest of the group was tasked with applying the kiss of death, while the other three pinned the helpless bovine down.

The rest of the herd didn’t make any real effort to rescue the cow. One bull made a half-hearted attempt, but after coming within inches of the action he quickly backed off again. The lions then spent the next two days feeding on their prize.

They’re fast getting a reputation in these parts for being of the most efficient buffalo killers we’ve seen.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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