The Bicycle Crossing male turns 10

Bicycle Crossing male leopard

Bicycle Crossing male leopard by Matthew Tatham

In light of the fact that this handsome fellow has a birthday this month, we thought it only fitting that we share this clip of him happening upon a largely intact impala carcass. After scouting the area for some time, the Bicycle Crossing male eventually decides to take his chances and quickly makes off with his unexpected windfall.

He seems to have shifted his territory south and west these days, which is unfortunate because it means we don’t get to see him as much anymore.¬†We only saw him twice in December, once near Flockfield Boma crossing, and then again around Dudley Corner. He appeared to be in great condition though, as he scent marked and roared his way around.

Easily recognizable due to the prominent “V” on his forehead, this dominant male has certainly come a long way since he first earned a name for himself back in November of 2004.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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