The Eyrefield lionesses meet up with their cubs

Eyrefield lion cubs playing

Eyrefield cubs playing by Pieter van Wyk

The Eyrefield lionesses and their nine cubs (2007) enjoy a happy and very vocal reunion after the females return from an unsuccessful hunt. There were ten babies to begin with, but unfortunately one died when it was still very young. Of the remaining nine, only five of them are still alive. At almost five years old, the three females are bona fide adult members of the pride, while their two brothers broke away with the adopted Marthly male to form their own gang.

If you’re a lover of the big cats then probably also enjoy lion family time (which is the sequel to this clip), sleeping lions, lion grooming and a lesson in table manners. Most of which were shot by Africa Imagery when they came in search of lions last year.

Happy almost weekend folks, enjoy!

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