Cat fight with a difference at MalaMala Game Reserve

Ostrich Koppies female leopard by Andrew BatchelorOstrich Koppies Female Leopard by Andrew Batchelor

This week’s Video Thursday is living proof of the strength and agility of Africa’s most beautiful cat – the leopard. This is a ‘cat fight’ with a difference though. It takes place in the upper branches of a tree!

The clip was captured and edited by ranger Pieter van Wyk (author of last week’s “Baby Elephant Takes its First Steps”) who was clearly in the right place at the right time, yet again.

The female leopard is the Ostrich Koppies female, and the male is the son of the Matshipiri Female.

Male leopards will often show aggression towards females who are not in estrous, as they are then pure competition as opposed to a mate. When this happens the female usually climbs the first available tree, and waits for her aggressor to lose interest (the boys are usually too lazy to climb into the tree in pursuit).

In this clip, however, there is a free meal in the tree! As we have seen time and again, when it comes to food, it is ‘each to his own’ – at whatever cost! Obvious from the lighting, the time frame over which the clip was captured is over an hour or 2, at least. 2 hours is a long time for hostility to build between two cats in such close proximity.

The branch on which the female was perched would be too thin for the male’s weight. This he knows, and she used it to her advantage.

Until ….. You’ll have to watch to see what transpires.


Happy almost-weekend folks,

The MalaMala Team.

8 thoughts on “Cat fight with a difference at MalaMala Game Reserve

  1. Hats off to All of you at Mala Mala who contribute to the blog and cyber diaries. They are incredible!

  2. Hi Leslie. Forgive the very late reply. We got a response from ranger Pieter van Wyk a short while ago. Says Pieter, “We are not sure how the Ostrich Koppies female got away…we left with both of them still up the tree- it was quite late and we were far from camp”.

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