February 2012 Game Report

Its a Great Time for the Elephants at MalaMala

Its a Great Time for the Elephants at MalaMala!

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that we have forgotten the herbivores! What with the end of the year, the beginning of 2012, and the flooding in January, we have not updated our monthly game report where we get a chance to pay homage to the good old buffalo and elephant of MalaMala. So here it is! We have skipped right to February 2012, but will post the December and January overviews shortly.

The MalaMala website is however up to date with reports for the lions, leopards, cheetah and wild dog (Cape Hunting Dog).

In light of the ever present threat imposed by poachers, we have decided not to publish any statistics or news on the rhino populations of MalaMala. Hopefully this is a temporary situation, and we will be able to return to normal soon.


Team MalaMala.

CAPE BUFFALO (61 sightings)

With the all the new grass after the huge amount of rainfall in January, the buffalo did exceedingly well over the month of February. Herds of between 400 and 500 animals were seen on many occasions, with many new calves.

With more water then they could ever need, and an abundance of food, the buffalo are in great condition for the upcoming winter months.Winter is typically the period that takes a heavy toll on these huge beasts. They are vulnerable due to the diminished resources of food and water, and as a result are under threat from lion prides.

It will be interesting to see what this winter holds for them considering their physical advantage so early in the season.

ELEPHANTS (73 sightings)

As with the buffalo, the pachyderms must have been almost euphoric over the last month what with all the fresh emerald grass to eat. Not to mention the masses of water to drink, play and swim in.

Large herds of up to 50 individuals have been seen on a number of occasions. There are also many large and impressive bulls following the herds around in the hope of sharing their genetic code. With the females in such great shape, it is a good time to conceive.

Here’s looking forward to the new generation of these fascinating animals.

2 thoughts on “February 2012 Game Report

  1. It seems our cyclones are coming your way or to Madagascar.,, so here we have a drought problem.At least the grass is greener with you and for your animals.This time last year I was in Botswana and the Okavango aqua alta was extraordinary..how the world is changing.Not pleased to learn of your poacher problems.

  2. Hopefully the cyclones will stay off our path Margery. We do think of those of you suffering from drought, and are grateful for the greenery and the abundance of water as one is never sure when the climatic tides will turn.

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