It’s All About the Feathered Wildlife at MalaMala

Lilac Breasted Roller killing a scorpion, by guest Donna Bourdon

Lilac Breasted Roller killing a scorpion, by guest Donna Bourdon (2010)

This week’s Video Thursday is a real treat. Why? Aquavision has done it again! The next edition of their “It’s All About the Wildlife” series at MalaMala is dedicated to our feathered friends.

Vivid colours and flights of fancy make this lighthearted clip an uplifting one. Wherever you are, take to the skies with the birds of MalaMala.

‘Twitchers’ find their Mecca at Mala Mala with the hundreds of species of birds which are recorded regularly. This is due, in particular, to the vast and varying habitats which have been diligently managed for over 50 years. The patterns of bird sightings are never constant, and there are often rare surprises to thrill the most seasons of ornithologists.

Click here to view MalaMala’s birdlist. How many species can you tick off?

Special thanks go to the formidable team of Sean O’Neill and Christo Ras for their remarkable work. They never disappoint. If you have not had a look at their previous masterpieces, you simply must click here. You will have access to four incredible clips, including the pilot edition “Its All About the Wildlife“, “Secret Creatures“, “The Babies of MalaMala” and the “2011 Bumper Festive Edition“.  There’s something for everyone. So go grab a cuppa and prepare to be wowed!

Internationally recognized for filming extraordinary animal behaviour, both underwater and in the wild African bush, Aquavision has gained a reputation for being unafraid to tackle interesting, challenging and often dangerous projects.

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