The Ostrich Koppies female scales a tree with her snack

Ostrich Koppies female leopard

Ostrich Koppies female leopard by Bruce Archibald

Born to the Campbell Koppies female in October of 2004, the Ostrich Koppies female started out life with the unassuming nickname of Stripe. Towards the end of 2008 she established territory for herself in the Ostrich Koppies region, between the Mlowathi and Matshipiri Rivers, earning herself a real name in the process.

At the beginning of 2009, at almost four and a half years old, she had her first litter, but unfortunately neither of the two males lived to see their first year. She later had another cub, a female this time, who is currently a year and five months old.

She is still regarded as one of our favourite and more relaxed female leopards, but unfortunately she continues to spend more and more time north of our boundary. In December we had only two brief sightings of her, and both times were without her cub. The fact that her daughter wasn’t with her is a clear indication that she’s planning on moving away from the youngster in order to force her into independence over the next few months.

January proved no different in this regard, as we yet again had just two sightings of the Ostrich Koppies female. It also looks like her cub is either already independent or close to it, because she wasn’t with her mom again.

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