The Walk By at MalaMala Game Reserve

Up Close at MalaMala Game Reserve

Get Closer at MalaMala Game Reserve

It’s difficult to explain the feeling you get when you find yourself within a few feet of Africa’s wild animals. But close is what we do very well here at MalaMala. This week’s video clip is again the brainchild of ranger Pieter van Wyk, and is a collection of close encounters with a number of different animal species.

“How do they get so close?” you may ask. For five decades, Michael Rattray has never lost focus of his primary objective to preserve and protect the land over which he is custodian. This philosophy has paid off, resulting in an animal population that is completely unthreatened by man (and landrover).

As a result, visitors experience up close and personal animal sightings that literally take the breath away.


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