An ode to the Styx Lion Pride at MalaMala

Styx lioness and cubs, by Rob Kenmuir

Styx lioness and cubs, by Rob Kenmuir

This week’s video clip is a collection of sightings of the Styx lion pride, captured by ranger Pieter van Wyk. LOTS of babies, with some hunting, fighting, playing and sleeping.

The Styx Pride is MalaMala’s longest standing pride of lions. For approximately 30 years they have made the northern two thirds of our property their home. Currently the majority of their territory lies in the central to northern reaches of MalaMala.

Their numbers have fluctuated through recent years due to new males overthrowing the old guard, but 2011 saw stability return to the pride under the protection of the four Manyelethi male lions. These dominant brothers fathered four cubs in the early stages of last year, followed by a fifth youngster midway through the year.

The Styx pride now includes a total of nine lions, comprised of four lionesses and five cubs.

2012 promises to be a good year for them. Hopefully we will continue to see them grow from strength to strength for another 30 years to come!

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  1. This is an absolutely fantastic video. It is now added to my ‘favorites’ on YouTube. I also appreciate the natural sounds of the bush, not drowned out by some music. Thank you so much.

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