A guest’s view of The Manyelethi male lions

Manyelethi Male Lions, by Matthew Tatham

Manyelethi Male Lions, by Matthew Tatham

Today’s Video Thursday presents another of the trio of clips shared by visitor Winfried Simon. Some may already have seen his clip from last week of The Airstrip Male and The Tamboti Female leopards.

This week his camera is pointed at the Manyelethi male lions.

“During our trip to South Africa in October 2011 we spent a great time on Safari in the MalaMala reserve….

A highlight on an afternoon game drive was the sighting of the 4 Manyeleti male lions. We first met two of them sleeping, and afterwards starting to search for their brothers.

Finally all met. They walked very close to the vehicle several times. Seeing these big male lions in less then one meter distance was amazing”.

The latest news from MalaMala rangers on the Manyelethi males is from March 2012’s game report.

“A good number of sightings were recorded this month. This dominant coalition of brothers continue to rule their roost and are quite successfully extending their bloodline with another three cubs added to their kingdom. There’s no sign of them stopping after numerous sightings of them mating with Styx and Eyrefield lionesses this month.

The alpha male with the dark mane was seen mating most often, while the male with a missing canine and the male with the scar on his hip showed keen interest too.

The male with three canines provided us with some quality sightings with a few ‘heated’ mating sessions with a Styx lioness around the Mlowathi River. Following which he marched on to the New Airstrip, armed with a days-old ravenous appetite! At the New Airstrip he successfully bought down an adult wildebeest which he would later end up sharing with his siblings”.

This coalition of lions is clearly a force to be reckoned with. It will be interesting to keep a close eye on the lion dynamics considering all the action to our west of late.

Enjoy your weekend!

The MalaMala Rangers

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