Wish you were here!

Sunset at MalaMala Game Reserve

Sunset at MalaMala Game Reserve

Today’s clip is for those of you sitting behind a computer, shut indoors avoiding bad weather, or in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a concrete jungle.

Pieter van Wyk has assembled a collection of magnificent scenic clips taken on MalaMala Game Reserve with its’ vast open spaces thriving with a healthy natural habitat – the result of 50 years of sound conservation management by the Rattray Family.

Says Pieter, “MalaMala Game Reserve is situated along the Sand River in the lowveld of South Africa. It runs adjacent to the unfenced Kruger National Park, and animals have free movement from the national park to the Sand river. The topography of MalaMala and its many different vegetation types, ranging from open grassland to riverine forest and woodland savanna, is the reason for the extreme diversity in both flora and fauna. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to be part of such a beautiful space.”

We invite you to sit back and imagine yourself here right now. Breathe the fresh air, feel the sun on your face, and hear the sounds of the wild as it has always been.

We wish you were here!

9 thoughts on “Wish you were here!

  1. You better believe I wish I were there. Thank you for showing us a small piece of your country and allowing us to visit there virtually.

  2. I also wish i was with you, instead of spending 10 days in hospital for pleurisy,,what a life,
    Your photos and videos are so healing..I’m still hoping for Mala Mala in october when all my chemio will be over.
    Thankyou for such a delightful and instructive blog

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