An elephant from the ground up, Mashatu Game Reserve

Image of Elephants at the Waterhole, by C4 Images & Safaris - taken by client Paul Vorster

Image of Elephants at the Waterhole, by C4 Images & Safaris - taken by client Paul Vorster

This week’s Video Thursday is something a little different. Filmed at Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana (sister reserve to MalaMala), it was too good not to share!

Mashatu is an extraordinary safari destination for a number of reasons. One such reason is the photographic opportunity available to shutter-enthusiasts, both professional and amateur.

In a first of its kind, C4 Images and Safaris have launched a number of photographic hides at Mashatu Game Reserve. These hides are structures specifically built to maximise the photographic potential of the subjects that visit them.They can be used to simply watch and enjoy animals as they go about their business, but have been positioned to consider the angle of the sun, the background as well as the angle the viewer is to the animals and birds. A photographer will notice these things immediately, enabling some absolutely breathtaking pictures.

One of the most popular hides for photographers and photographic subjects alike is the elephant hide. A protected container has been sunk into the ground so that visitors and their lenses are at ground level to the massive pachyderms at the waterhole. The waterhole attracts all manner of animals beside elephants, including kudu, impala and baboons.

Have a look at this incredible footage taken by Elinore Barnes from the elephant hide. And this is on a standard digital camera!

Imagine getting that close! Incredible, don’t you think?

Head on over to Mashatu’s Facebook page, or their blog to keep up to speed with their great visual and descriptive updates.

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