Like an Elephant to Water

Elephants Swim at MalaMala

Elephants Swim at MalaMala

Whoever thought of the figure of speech “Like a duck to water”, should instead have said “Like an elephant to water!”.

There are few things that pachyderms enjoy more than swimming. And in the spirit of celebrating summer in the north (and the dream of summer in the south), we thought we would share this lovely clip of an elephant languishing in a waterhole at MalaMala Game Reserve.

Contrary to what their impressive frames would have us believe, elephants are actually really good swimmers. They use all four legs, and can pick up quite a pace beneath the water’s surface. Their bodies provide the flotation, and their trunks are like a snorkel.

One of the real treats on an African safari is coming upon a family group of elephants around and within a body of water. Like children, they have a “whale” of a time, ducking, diving, climbing, spraying, floating and trumpeting.

This lone creature clearly didn’t need any friends to get his groove on….

Here’s to an Aquatastic weekend of your own!


The MalaMala Ranger Team

3 thoughts on “Like an Elephant to Water

  1. The ellie is in absolute heaven! How gorgeous to see this. I envy that ellie at the moment actually as it’s SO hot! Thanks for the cyber-diary.

  2. He is definitely having a very relaxing bath. Doesn’t need any-one else to be a happy elephant.

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