The Importance of Patience, from C4 Images and Safaris

Three Dwarf Mongooses, by Shem Compion of C4 Images & Safaris

Three Dwarf Mongooses, by Shem Compion of C4 Images & Safaris

Thanks to Shem Compion from C4 Images & Safaris, we have a special treat for photographic enthusiasts, and for lovers of extraordinary photography.

Says Shem,

“Patience is to wildlife photographers what fishing is to a heron. Often it starts off as a pursuit in the hope of getting something good – like a fish. But the more time you put into it, the more you realise you can’t simply give up and leave due after the amount of time invested. You need to at least get something out. So you remain where you are, in purported serene patience.

Dwarf mongooses are usually only seen from one side – the rear. They are skittish little guys at the best of times, and were the last thing on my mind as we drove through MalaMala on a very cool, misty morning.

I believe we shook them from their slumber in this particular log as we rumbled by. Luckily our ranger saw them scampering into holes in the bark early enough for us to stop very near the log. Having seen their lazy dispositions, we decided to sit tight for a few minutes and see if they came out again.

And so the waiting game began. Almost ten minutes passed before we decided to leave. As we started the engine up, a head popped out of the log. We switched off, and again waited. This time, though, the mongooses’ curiosity was sparked. And so after a few more minutes and a few more heads popping out to look at us, their visits became more frequent and for longer periods of time.

It must be noted that we had not yet taken a single picture! It was only after the animals started relaxing completely that we got our shots.

In this instance, it was patience which won the day. If we had started photographing earlier, we would not have got this gorgeous pic. A good old fashioned stake out resulted in a rare image which, for once, captured the front-end of a dwarf mongoose!”

Guest Blog Post written by: Shem Compion, C4 Images & Safaris

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