Leopard chases leopard in a thrilling virtual game drive at MalaMala Game Reserve

The Airstrip Male Leopard, by Matt Meyer

The Airstrip Male Leopard, by Matt Meyer

For those of you yearning to be on the back of a safari vehicle as it thunders through the bush in pursuit of an extraordinary find, this week’s Video Thursday is a must-see!

Taken by ranger Mike Holden on 31 May, two of our vehicles were in for a fabulous treat. A beautiful young male leopard lay at the base of a tree. Enter the Airstrip Male. Judging by his casual saunter, he was clearly in his own territory. It took him a while to notice the trespasser, but when he did he gave chase. And so did we!

Add to the mix a large male elephant, and you have a fabulous treat on this almost-weekend eve,

Any takers on who the young male leopard is?

Enjoy folks!

From the MalaMala Ranger Team.

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