What really happens when darkness falls?

Stealing a leopard's kill by Gary Hill

Stealing a leopard's kill by Gary Hill

This week’s Video Thursday, or should that be Friday, is another Aquavision special! The sixth edition of Aquavision’s “It’s All About the Wildlife” series at MalaMala, delves into the gripping sagas that unfold under cover of darkness.

With so many of Africa’s creatures – and in particular its big cats – being nocturnal, this dramatic video clip captures all manner of creatures in action – both the hunter, and the hunted!

Special thanks go to Sean O’Neill and Christo Ras for their remarkable work. If you have not had a look at their previous masterpieces, you simply must click here. Their previous five clips, including the pilot edition “Its All About the Wildlife“, “Secret Creatures“, “The Babies of MalaMala”, “2011 Bumper Festive Edition“ and “It’s all about the Feathered Wildlife“, have a little something for everyone!

Internationally recognised for filming extraordinary animal behaviour, both underwater and in the wild African bush, Aquavision has gained a reputation for being unafraid to tackle interesting, challenging and often dangerous projects.


4 thoughts on “What really happens when darkness falls?

  1. WOW! A great peek into the night life of the bush.. It is a very powerful video. thank you for giving us a peek.

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