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Leopard by wild4photographicsafaris

Leopard by wild4photographicsafaris

Our photographic safaris include three different locations – Tshukudu Game Lodge in Hoedspruit, The Kruger National Park and MalaMala Game Reserve.

My reason for choosing MalaMala is that I firmly believe it is one of the very best places to photograph leopards and lions, so we use it as the grand finale on our photo safaris.

This is my second year running trips that include a visit to MalaMala, and we have had great success on every trip – a total of 7 trips thusfar, plus another planned for later in the year.

For photography, the flexibility that MalaMala offers is second-to-none, and the reserve is simply beautiful with the river frontage.The staff are fantastic, the camps are too, and the rangers are top notch.

I have had the privilege of being looked after by Gary and Bens on my trips this year, and they are both excellent, patient, full of knowledge and have excellent driving skills.

I am really looking forward to my next stay at MalaMala.

Stu Porter

Wild4 African Photographic Safaris

Stu took this awesome footage of the Predators of MalaMala. Included in this clip are the Eyrefield cubs, as well as the lioness carrying her cubs that we mentioned in a previous Cyberdiary. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Wild4African Photographic Safaris

  1. Wonderful! Shame that the cheetah call couldn’t be heard over the music – but otherwise 100% Thank you!

  2. That’s a great Video and I also agree with what he said about Mala Mala being the best! 🙂 Had the Best experience there just a week ago and my ranger Greg was so amazing words cannot describe!

  3. Awesome video footage. Thank you for sharing. To be honest though, would have prefered to hear the natural sounds of the bush and animals instead of the music.

  4. We’ll give your feedback to the producers of the video, but we have to agree that the visuals are awesome…glad you enjoyed! 🙂

  5. We traveled to Mala Mala with Stu and Wild4 African Photographic Safaris in July, and found the resort to be world class! We were treated like kings and queens. The food was excellent, the rooms were outstanding, and the views fabulous. We saw more animals than we could have ever imagined, and the rangers were topnotch. All in all, it was a fantastic experience. We plan on returning when we can spend more time. Thanks, Mala Mala.

  6. Enjoyed the Mala Mala posting. 2 thoughts: the music is not good as remarked plus it was not even African. The animal sounds should take precedence. And after several trips to seven countries in Africa I am not concerned about overly pressuring animals: the light in the leopard’s eyes was not red at night and the very young lion cubs. I would kill for those shots but do feel concerned about it nevertheless. We have taken to stopping our ranger if we have these thoughts now. Beautiful shots though.
    I know I would be very excited.

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