Spring’s about new beginnings

Female leopard and her cub

Female leopard and her cub

Since the first day of spring – which is 1 September here in the southern hemisphere – is a mere couple of days away, we thought we’d share the 3rd edition of the Aquavision‘s “It’s All About the Wildlife” series at MalaMala with you again, as a reminder of what to expect to see out in the bush in the weeks to come. Everyone loves “baby” animals…enjoy “The Babies of MalaMala”!

11 thoughts on “Spring’s about new beginnings

  1. Did you show this delightful film before? If so I missed it! It’s wonderful. Babies are always so cute and make one smile. Gorgeous, thank you.

  2. Hi Erin – this is a great video! Thanks for sharing….would you mind if we share it with our Facebook community?

    MalaMala Team 🙂

  3. Yes, Jennie – it isn’t recent footage. But we felt that since we’re moving into spring we’d share it again 🙂

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