The Airstrip male mating with the Daughter of the Kikileze female

Airstrip male & D of Kikileze female

The Airstrip Male with the Daughter of the Kikileze female

This week’s video is a follow-on from the saga we recounted in our Cyberdiary – 17 September 2012. You’ll recall that the Airstrip male was seen showing very little interest in the advances of the adolescent Daughter of the Kikileze female, as he had one thing on his mind – food! That night the male leopard managed to bring down a Nyala, which he dragged up into the safety of the tree, to feed on at his leisure.

Fast forward to this great piece of footage, captured by Matt Meyer, and you will note that the female leopard finally managed to get the king of MalaMala interested in mating with her. The scene that played out for our game viewers was quite an amusing one, as not only was the Daughter of the Kikileze female interested in mating with the Airstrip Male, but she showed more than a passing interest in the meal he had cached in the tree above them. No sooner would the male leopard relax, than the female would make a move towards the tree with the intention of having a part of the ready-made meal in the branches above – and the Airstrip male would then chase her off! This happened more than once, with sessions of mating inbetween!

The Airstrip male and the Daughter of the Kikileze female spent three days together (this video was filmed on day two), but she is unlikely to have cubs from this union as she has yet to reach maturity. Born around the beginning of 2010, she is not quite two years old, and female leopards reach maturity around the age of four.

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