Leopard Kill at MalaMala

The impala herd storms straight for the leopard, by Martha van Rensburg

The impala herd storms straight for the leopard, by Martha van Rensburg

Martha van Rensburg (MiPix Fine Art Photography and https://www.facebook.com/mipix) shared this incredible video of the Daughter of the Kikileze female making an impala kill with us. A very big thank you to you, Martha.

Martha was on a photographic predator safari with South African wildlife photographer Greg du Toit, Marius van Tonder and Ian Weatherburn. The game ranger with them was Roan Ravenhill.

On Saturday 29 September 2012 – their last day at MalaMala, they were on their final game drive when they spotted a well secreted and hidden female leopard on the left hand side of the road. Roan stopped the vehicle not five metres from the leopard.

Martha set up her Go-Pro camera on the side of the Land Rover to capture the video while she shot stills from her camera, and they all settled in for what turned out to be a 30-minute wait for the action to unfold.

The wind was making the impala very skittish and even with sentries on the lookout, and one impala in particular looking directly at the leopard, they failed to see it.

Suddenly something spooked the impala, and before the surprised onlookers knew it, the herd stormed directly towards the leopard, who was at this point on high alert and ready for action. As the herd ran towards her, she leapt up at great speed and snatched a young impala mid-air! The kill was quick and the leopard immediately dragged the impala off into a nearby donga. She then skulked off, presumably to fetch her nearby cub to benefit from the kill.

A massive leap by Martha van Rensburg

A massive leap, by Martha van Rensburg

The barking of the impalas continued to ring out from the bush, while the witnesses to this amazing spectacle tried to calm their racing hearts. What an awesome way to end an amazing safari!

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