Weekly sightings of the MalaMala Seven: 18-24 November 2012

Image: MalaMala archives

Photo: MalaMala image archives

Yet another MalaMala Seven week, with sightings of the Big Five being plentiful as always, as well as Cape Hunting Dogs and Cheetah! We had an incredible week of cheetah viewing, with these rare cats being seen on five days in total. The Cape Hunting Dogs were also seen, and they did some serious damage to the impala population, successfully hunting impala lambs at will. The Styx pride of lions was seen early during the week and they too were viewed killing a young impala. There were also some unusual sightings had! The Princess Alice Pans killed a large African Rock python, hoisted it into a tree and a young impala carcass fell from the belly of the python. A hyena lurking below snapped this up. We enjoyed an incredible sighting of the Airstrip male hunting an adult impala, which he then had to ward off three hyenas from stealing his meal.

Here are the sightings for the week ending Saturday 24 November:

*Rhino sightings currently unavailable.

Have a look at theĀ Wildlife Sightings Maps for a more detailed look at what was seen where.

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