The Southern Reedbuck – one of the more elusive antelope

Southern Reedbuck - Ross Forbes

Southern Reedbuck - Ross Forbes

Although MalaMala is renowned for its sightings of the Big Five, and other high profile species such as cheetah and Cape hunting dogs, there are other seemingly uninteresting species out there that not frequently seen.

It was on a cool morning that we were fortunate enough to witness one of these more elusive animals. Typically inhabiting grasslands and/or reed beds – where they seek shelter from the heat of the day, the Southern or Common Reedbuck tends to feed at sunrise or sunset (and sometimes at night), which explains the early morning sighting of this male and female pair in the north-eastern corner of MalaMala.

These shy animals tend to live alone or in pairs, but sometimes form herds of up to 20 members.

Ross Forbes

Ranger – MalaMala Game Reserve

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