The thrill of the chase!

A blur of speed

A blur of speed...

Those of you who are au fait with Aquavision’s incredible video clips, will no doubt be very excited by their latest offering. The Thrill of The Chase – the 8th edition of their “It’s All About the Wildlife” series at MalaMala – is a dramatic, adrenaline-filled clip featuring some of MalaMala’s most fearsome predators on the hunt.

Aquavision is internationally recognised for filming extraordinary animal behaviour, both underwater and in the wild African bush, and has gained a reputation for being willing to take on interesting, challenging and often dangerous projects. All clips featured are shot on location at MalaMala by Aquavision. If you have not had the privilege of seeing any of their previous work, simply click here. You will have access to previous clips, including the pilot edition Its All About the Wildlife, as well as Secret Creatures, The Babies of MalaMala, the 2011 Bumper Festive Edition and Family Time at MalaMala.

You can visit their website at the following address:


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