The Dudley Female and her cub

The Dudley female and her cub - Pieter van Wyk

The Dudley female and her cub - Pieter van Wyk

It has been a long time since the Dudley female has ventured onto the eastern bank of the Sand River. This week we were very fortunate to have two days of very intimate viewing of the Dudley female and her cub, where they were seen well into the more central parts of Malamala. The two leopards walked confidently, and the young female cub was not hesitant to vocalise her presence while moving elegantly through the territories of other male leopards and many other predators.

The Dudley female & her cub - Matt Nolden

The Dudley female and her cub - Matt Nolden

The almost fifteen-year old Dudley Female’s well established territory exists mainly in the central western parts of our property, and she is occasionally found on the western boundary around Rattrays camp. During the last six months, we have seen her seven times – at four of the seven sightings she has been with her cub. The young female cub is fourteen months old, with a petite body complimented by an extraordinary long tail. The playful youngster has a demanding attitude, which seems tedious at times for her experienced mother!

Matt Nolden

Ranger – MalaMala Game Reserve

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