24 Hours with the West Street Male

The West Street Male by Matt Nolden

The West Street Male was found late in the afternoon, feeding on the scraps of what looked like the remains of a young bushbuck kill. It didn’t take long for him to finish off the carcass, and before we knew it he was on the go again and we lost sight of him as he headed down to the river.

The following morning the West Street Male was found roaring in the middle of the Flockfield Lookout. He was “giving it horns”, as he continues to consider the area under his ownership. When we traced the sound of the deep and confident roar we heard, we were expecting to find the Airstrip Male or the Bicycle Crossing male. Unexpectedly it was the photogenic West Street male, busy wiping his face in fresh buffalo dung!

The photogenic West Street Male on the move - Stu Porter

It was a photographers’ dream come true, as he spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in a large Jackelberry tree next to the Matshipiri River. After waiting patiently for hours, he eventually descended the giant tree, posing perfectly for our cameras. He continued on his evening endeavours, so we left him to find more predator action.

The West Street Male

West Street Male leopard by Matt Nolden

Recently, his movements have been consistent – he is mostly viewed between the West Street Bridge and the Tamboti thickets opposite Rattray’s camp.

The West Street male by Matt Nolden

The West Street Male by Matt Nolden

Matt Nolden

Ranger – MalaMala Game Reserve

2 thoughts on “24 Hours with the West Street Male

  1. Thanks for another round of superb photos These cats are really inspiring in our own attitude to life.
    I wonder what has become of the three lion cubs I saw in march/april with Jono?
    I followed their video at the river with the croc but since then no news.
    Let;s hope it’s good news.

  2. More wonderful photos .Thankyou
    I wondered was there any news of the three young lion cubs i saw in march /april with Jono,They nearly had a problem with a leopard and then there was a video of them crossing the river’
    I hope no news is good news.

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