8 nights on safari at MalaMala with ranger Ross Forbes

1 safari, 3 people, 8 nights, 16 game drives, over 700km’s driven, more than 65 hours spent in the bush, hundreds of elephants seen, herds of over 500 buffalo witnessed on several occasions, 21 different lions from 3 different prides plus a coalition of 3 dominant male lions, 11 different leopards, 2 male leopards witnessed fighting over an impala kill up a tree, a pack of 8 wild dogs seen on 4 separate occasions, 1 successful wild dog hunt on a bushbuck followed by 5 hyenas stealing the carcass all the while 2 herds of elephants tried chasing both sets of predators away, a successful hunt on a male impala by a female leopard no more than a few metres from the vehicle and on the final morning, we successfully tracked down a pride of lions hunting buffalo

Some rangers would say ‘winter madness’; I’d say MalaMala Game Reserve…

By Ranger, Ross Forbes.

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